Sophia L's First Gloryhole Video

We're sounding the GLORYHOLE VIRGIN alarm this week with innocent, uninitiated Sophia. She's a 19-year-old blondie you'd never think was capable of draining nearly TEN ANONYMOUS DICKS in a gloryhole, but you can't argue with results, can you? She says she's seen it in movies before, so she has a pretty good idea of what to do. Sophia proudly admits she's a deep-throater, so the bar just got raised a few notches. You'll see she's not all talk either by the time she gets to long, lucky guy #3. Listen to those "glug, glug, glug" noises she makes when she bares down on the dick. In the BDSM world, Sophia considers herself a switch, so she can dish it out, or take it. She'll mostly be taking today as she swallows all those strangers' loads on her knees in the booth. Good news, silver foxes, Sophia likes to date older men. She's pretty tall at 5'8", so she thinks guys her own age are intimidated by her height. Watch her get extra turned on in the booth when she spots some grey pubes on one of her mystery men! Her favorite part of the blowjob experience is right at the moment her guy is about to cum, when she feels like she is sucking out their soul. This is also the moment where she can make herself cum just from sucking dick. Sophia says a hashtag has been created specially for her talents: #GoldenMouth. Watch her debut today and see if you think that distinction is earned. You're looking it up right now, aren't you? Enjoy watching Sophia's throat get coated with cum on the world's leading gloryhole authority,!

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