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Glory hole secrets is a fantastic site. Great mix of professional women and enthusiastic amateurs who just love suck cock and swallow come at the Glory hole. A great pre-update interview lets you glimpse what the lady is like and great camera work and video quality make it a worthy entertainment investment. Screen caps and downloadable pic files allow each member to archive their favorite models and enjoy both video and stills. Adding the POV wars site is a great bonus to a solid glory hole site. The forum for both sites adds another layer of entertainment through interaction with the staff and models. Suggestions are heard and the membership has a vote in the sites direction. What more could you ask!?

I stick around on this site because it really captures the dark, seediness of gloryhole action. There really aren't that many sites out there like, but the copycats are always too bright or they don't offer the total anonymity of not knowing who is on the other side of that wall. The interviews with the girls are fun and it's really hot when those hands pop through the holes and start fondling the girls before they get on their knees. Keep it up and I'll keep renewing my subscription, guys!

At, membership has its privileges. Not only do you get to see the full, high definition gloryhole videos the second they're released, but a couple days later they put out a bird's-eye-view perspective so you can see the girls from above. The quality keeps getting better too, especially in the last few videos with the new cameras. I can tell the difference; I've been a member since was an even bigger secret.
Will wasn't a well-kept secret by the time I signed up recently. The concept hooked me, but so did the calibre of the girls! They got Avi Love, twice! She did a gloryhole video before she was an award winner, then they got her again after. She's not the only big name on the site, they have some cute newcomers too, but it's the selection of these hot girls that hooked me and is likely to make me stay for a while.

It took me a long time to find a site that catered to my needs, but I finally just found and I'm here to stay! Nowhere else has girls swallowing the volume of cum you find here, and nowhere else has so many of them. There are over 250 gloryhole videos with at least ten guys for each girl. I'm new to the site, but I'll have to keep renewing until I binge watch them all!

Though I live far from the gloryhole in another country, I have no trouble streaming all the videos. Some other sites have caused technical difficulties from abroad, but the content comes through clearly and there is plenty of it. Customer service is easy to find and contact, should something arise, or if I just want to practice my English.

This is the best gloryhole website in the business. Every model is a goddess who likes to suck cock. Enjoy every shoot from 2 camera angles & don't forget to watch the pictures. Join the forum and you have the possibility to interact with the models, the producers, the other members and also have a say in the next shoot. I love this website.
Mike J

Just stumbled on your site the other day, and it is kick ass. THE best GH site out there by a long shot. Most of the other ones look like they use skinny, drug infested skanks and whores. Love the tag teams of girls, and welcome more of it, especially the cum sharing. Special applause to Mandy and Vee. Unbelievable. More, more and more. Mandy has an incredible body and sexy face, and great attitude and would love to see a ton more of her.
Keep up the great work!

I have been a member of a few gloryhole websites but this site is by far the best online. The video quality is amazing. The updates are consistant even the photos are hot and I'm a video guy. I also love the new POV Wars site you gave us free access to. Thanks for creating a great site, I look forward to every update.

Hello, I'm blown away with what you have done with a simple hole in a wall. I have always been a fan of gloryholes but it was mainly to get my cock sucked. What you have done with your camera angles and using mutilple cameras have really taken "Gloryhole" to a new level. This site over the top.

By far the absolute best gloryhole videos on the internet. Not one other gloryhole site I have been a member of even compares with the video quality, girl quality or consistency of Gloryhole Secrets. I would recommend your site to anyone that loves to watch woman give blowjobs and swallow cum.
Big Jay

Dear Buzz, I'm so glad I stumbled on our site. I have always wanted to bring my wife to a gloryhole so she could suck off strangers but it has never happened because she is to shy. Gloryhole Secrets let me fantasize about my wife being in the booth sucking and swallowing the guys. The site is really personable and you might it feel like I'm actually there in the booth. Keep up the great work.

I joined your site when it first opened and thought you really had something special, but the site was young then and there were not a lot of girls on it. I came back 6 months later and wow is all I can say. You have done exactly what you had promised the members. New girls every week, consistant updates, huge cum shots and your video quality is hands done the best of any gloryhole site I have been a member of. I just wanted to say I would recommend your site to anyone that loves blowjob, cumshot and cum swallowing videos.

Reviews by Professionals

The story behind this site is a group of guys who love getting blowjobs from hot chicks, but also like remaining anonymous (because, as the site tells us, these dudes have wives and girlfriends and/or high-profile jobs). This makes gloryholes the perfect outlet for these dudes to live the dream.

These guys have built themselves a really nice gloryhole setup. The room is clean and the walls go all the way to the end so that the camera can move around without catching a glimpse of the dude behind the hole. Also, they have multiple cameras that they use to film the scenes from different angles, which comes into play in how they release the videos on the site.

The first scene for any girl is the longest one (generally an hour or more) it has the pre-sucking interview followed by the third-person view of her going back and forth from one hole to the other, sucking every cock that comes her way and showing us each load in her mouth before swallowing it down.

A few days later you get to watch all her dick-sucking again, but this time you will see it from the POV cams hooked up right above the gloryholes, which gives a completely different angle and perspective. Some of you might enjoy one view over the other, but it is really nice that they provide both.

What is also really nice is that the movies all come with streaming and download options and one of the download options is always a Full HD MP4 file. At this point there are 127 videos - and remember that they add new movies twice a week. There are also 33 photo sets. Now, they may be vid caps, but they are high-res and look good so I feel fine counting them as image sets.

I also feel fine recommending this site. The solid update schedule, the high-quality vids and the loads of gloryhole suck sessions (some girls take up to 11 cocks in one sitting) make Gloryhole Secrets worth checking out. And you even get POV Wars as a bonus site for a little more added value.
Rabbits Reviews

Odds are pretty strong that your town holds a few sordid sexual secrets, and not the kind involving politicians and prostitutes either. People have been enjoying public sexual activity since the dawn of man, but over the years it has been pushed from the campfire to the seedy motel, Wendy's parking lot, or run-down movie theatre; basically anywhere hidden from families and tourists. Deep in the bowels of many adult stores, porno viewing booths, and public lavatories of all kinds, you'll find the glory hole. An opening in a door or wall just large enough to shove a penis through, the glory hole has led to more anonymous sexual encounters than all the margaritas and mai tais in the world, allowing those in need on oral pleasure the chance to fill the mouth of an open (and hopefully female) mouth without ever having to exchange words, buy dinner, or mind your manners. Glory Hole Secrets presents an exclusive collection of adult videos starring not professional slurpers 'n' jerkers but total amateurs with no reason to do porn save their love of sucking dick and swallowing seed. These women, who range in age from young and not-so-young, and in experience from none to thousands of hours at the end of a dick, simply wander into whatever dingy hole holds today's sperm-providers, is asked a few questions by the Glory Hole Secrets director, then drops to her knees and starts working a line of guys into an explosive frenzy one-by-one, swallowing (or otherwise enjoying) each load they toss her way. A Glory Hole Secrets membership will set you back $29.95, but that's a ridiculously small price to pay for ensuring you don't miss out on the fastest-growing pornographic trend since the insatiable Asa Akira beat everyone to double-anal. Mr Pinks

It’s hard to fathom the anonymous arousal that would come from, Glory Hole Secrets, the faceless boners, sliding through holes in the wall and also curtains, where nothing but the shaft and testicles are exposed for the erotic pleasures, but, it does offer a niche that tosses this site into the category of fetish and hardcore. The females are pretty, amateur, and ready to take cum in the mouth through blow jobs and following penetration. I found intro promises to ring true within membership, and with multiple weekly updates, this site will continue growing nicely. Porn Inspector