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Watch Petite, 19-Year-Old, Newcomer Allie Conquer 14 Dicks in Next Week's Update

Sometimes a girl is just the complete package. Debuting on next Friday, the 21st, we have Allie Addison, a 19-year-old, tiny, blue-eyed, curly-haired blonde, new to the industry. She is all-natural, super petite, and has never been in a gloryhole, until meeting us. Looks can be deceiving, however. Allie rips through FOURTEEN DICKS, getting them all off and swallowing their loads without gagging once in the time it takes most pros to suck off ten! Our jaws were on the floor. After she was finished, she looked up at us with her angelic face and A-cup boobs covered in cum and just asked, "What?". She had no idea what a feat she had just pulled off. In fact, I think using her feet was the only thing she didn't do. Gotta save something for next time. Allie is another one of those girls you'll see here first before she blows up everywhere else. Remember where you see 'em first, subscribers. Friday, the 21st is going to be a red-letter-day on Be here for it!

Avi's Second Gloryhole Video

Please welcome 2019 XBIZ Best Actress award winner and three-time AVN award nominee Avi Love to the gloryhole. Her star power brightens up our dank little booth this week (truth be told, we kinda like it dark). 23-year-old Avi made an appearance with us last year as well, but at that point, she was not the award-winning starlet we see before us today. She is an all-natural beauty and plans to stay that way. A girl as hot as Avi doesn't really need much help. She looks like your average, everyday, sweet, girl-next-door, which she is, until you break out TEN ANONYMOUS COCKS for her to suck off through a hole. However, before she gets sucking, Avi gets to enjoy a new feature since her last visit as the unknown helping hands pop out from the holes and begin to fondle her. She seems to enjoy it thoroughly. Once the dicks pop out, it doesn't take long for Avi to tear through them, especially toward the end. Watch how quickly Avi starts extracting the loads from her guys once she gets past the halfway point. She makes them cum so fast, the next guys can't make it into the booths quickly enough! There are reasons why Avi is an award winner. We'd like to give her another prize for her gloryhole proficiency. Bravo, Avi, bravo.
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Alli, the Porn Wednesday Addams, Comes to the Gloryhole

Coming Friday, get ready for Halloween in summer with newcomer Alli in the gloryhole. She's a 19-year-old Goth girl who has spent a lot of time in dark places, but never in a gloryhole until now. Ever wondered what Wednesday Addams would look like all grown up and sucking off a team of anonymous dudes behind a wall? Come back Friday for the chance to realize your fantasy. Just like the theme song said, she's neat, sweet, and petite. If you like your girls small and natural, this is an update you won't want to miss. One thing the Addams Family theme song didn't mention, this girl gets super wet when she gives a parade of blowjobs to guys she doesn't know. Make sure to look at the floor under Alli toward the end of her gloryhole debut. She turns it into the Addams Family Slip'n'Slide. See just how creepy and kooky things get Friday when we pop Alli's gloryhole cherry on!

Alex M's First Gloryhole Video

Alright, gloryholers, you asked for "More" and that's what we're giving you, Alex More, that is! Please welcome 27-year-old Alex to the booth. You may recognize her from her epic gangbang over on our sister site,, where she took five big loads in her luscious, large-lipped pussy. She gives us a Sharon Stone-inspired peek at those lips in the opening seconds of this interview; but don't worry, you'll see MORE of it later. See what I did there? Those five loads she took between her legs are nothing compared to the TEN LOADS she will be swallowing from strangers today. Fortunately for us, Alex is a cum fanatic! She loves it everywhere: in her mouth, down her throat, in her pussy, in her ass, pretty much anywhere she can get it. She'll be getting plenty on her tongue and into her stomach today. Just sucking dick is enough to give Alex an orgasm. Her record is 110 orgasms in one day! Alex is a sexual submissive, so she gets majorly turned on when the hands reach through the holes and start fondling her mid-interview. Remember how she said she likes cum everywhere? Keep an eye out for lucky cumshot #5 who gets to cum on Alex's big pussy lips. She even backs up on the cock a little to push some of the cum inside. Hot! Make sure you watch all the way through to the end to see Alex finger and vibe herself to a gushing, squirting orgasm. We're pretty sure you'll be asking for more of Alex More, but tell us just how much more you want in the comments below. Come back next week to see which starlet with an amusing name winds up in the booth here on!
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