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Tyler F's First Gloryhole Video

It's not everyday a legend of this industry stops by the gloryhole. However, today is one of those standout days. Please give a warm, reverential, welcome to Ms. Tyler Faith! We are honored to have her here on her legendary knees this week. Even though Tyler is a veteran of mattress theatre, this will be her FIRST GLORYHOLE EXPERIENCE. We are also honored Tyler chose us to debut not only her first gloryhole scene, but also her brand new, only three-week-old 34H boobs! They are a thing (things?) of beauty to behold. She has added 400CCs to her previous size. Lucky guy #6 gets to be the first one to cum on Tyler's new girls. It's something he can tell his grandchildren. While this may be Tyler's debut performance in a gloryhole, she is going to SWALLOW TWELVE LOADS from her twelve anonymous gentlemen on the other side of the wall. She has a fantasy that at least some of them are football players from the Patriots. Who's to say if they aren't? Taking more cumshots down her throat than the average girl wasn't enough for Tyler after she had worked herself up into such a frenzy. She needed to take care of herself after her marathon suck-athon, so she takes the wand from out of one of the holes to vibe herself to her own raging orgasm! Would you expect anything less from a legend? We expected a lot from Tyler and she blew our expectations (and her twelve guys) away. What did you think? Give us your critiques in the comments section below. Do you want to have her back? Can she take on more than twelve guys? How many of them were from the Patriots? What is your estimate? Let us know and we'll calculate the Vegas odds next week on!
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Jaycee's First Gloryhole Video

There have not been many porn dynasties, but today we have a member of one on her knees in the gloryhole! Meeting Jaycee, the daughter of late '90s/early 2000s porn queen, Brandi Lyons. Jaycee says she felt destined for this line of work and could never see herself working a "normal" job. We learn in her interview about her humble beginnings sucking dick as a teenager, only after she had already had sex. Even though she has been around the industry her whole life, at 22 years of age, Jaycee has only been filming for about six months. You'll be amazed how she takes to sucking off her TEN STRANGERS in the gloryhole like a natural; nothing skipped a generation here. Wow! Over the course of her sucking off so many anonymous guys, she has a few trembling orgasms herself. Just sucking dick makes Jaycee cum! She gets so turned on, she has to back up on and full-on fuck some of the dicks too. It's not often the girl is the one knocking on the other side of the wall, but you will see it happen here. Of course we always have the counter for how many cumshots the guys put down our gloryhole queen's throat, but we may also need to add a second tally for how many shuddering orgasms Jaycee pounds out. We're kinda slow at math, so we're still counting. Don't worry; we'll figure it out. This girl's orgasms really are something to behold. See it for yourself and try and keep count! If you enjoy Jaycee's performance here, don't forget to also check out her gangbang on It's awesome! Watching that should be enough to tide you over until next week when another gloryhole cutie stops by the booth here at!
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Jasmine's First Gloryhole Video

Much like you, our valued subscribers, we have wanted to get Jasmine into our gloryhole for a long time. The day has finally come! She has been featured on our sister site, twice for two of the best performances in that site's history. Don't take my word for it; check them out for yourself, but this is Jasmine's first time on her knees at Before she gets her loads, get a load of Jasmine in her comely Mr. Salty's tee-shirt, struggling to hold in those GGG boobs or hers. Much like her rack, Jasmine is not modest. She rates herself a 15 on the 1-to-10 scale for her cock-sucking abilities. Normally that shoots up a red flag, making us think a girl is way too overconfident. However, Ms. Jasmine delivers on her promise. Today she is going to suck off and swallow TEN STRANGERS' LOADS in quick succession (suck-session?). However, it may surprise some to learn that Jasmine didn't give her first blowjob until she was 18. She got to be such a cock connoisseur by making up for lost time after attending an all-girls school in England. We don't get the chance to learn much more about Jasmine before the anonymous hands pop through the holes and start fondling Jasmine's massive mammaries. Who could blame them? That gets her horny enough to chuck the chair at the cameramen like a wrestler so she can start sucking off her TEN GUYS. Stranger #7 is even lucky enough to receive one of Jasmine's signature "tit wanks." It sounds so much classier that way, doesn't it? At least it does when Jasmine says it. We have to have Jasmine back for another suck session in the gloryhole so she can match her number of gangbang appearances and conquer more men. Somebody who ranks a 15 on the 10 scale can definitely get at least 15 guys off next time. Agreed? Tell us in the comments. See just how far the bar can be raised for Jasmine's next appearance on!
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Paisley's First Gloryhole Video

Yee-haw! Please welcome Texas cutie Paisley to the booth this week for her GLORYHOLE DEBUT. She may be new to the industry, but she sure knows her way around a gloryhole because she used to watch this very site to get herself off! The dark room, the anonymity, the overall naughtiness of it, it's all making Paisley a bit slippery between the thighs. She admits she has blown her share of strangers before, but never TEN FACELESS COCKS behind a wall like she is going to do today. 23-year-old Paisley has a super innocent air about her, betrayed only by the fact that she sucks nameless dicks through holes for thrills. She claims her tits are a mere 32D, but that might be a conservative guess. Fortunately Paisley lets them out to breathe during the interview for further examination. Draw your own conclusions, viewers. Put your cup size estimates in the comments, if you would. They do say everything is bigger in Texas! At only 5'3", Paisley could qualify as fun-sized. All manners of fun are on the table with her as she tells us pretty much nothing is off-limits for her sexually. That's our type of girl! She tells us she is still learning to deep-throat, but she'll get plenty of practice today working on her TEN DICKS. She just about gets it down by #7. Be sure to watch all the way through to the end to see cum-drenched Paisley get herself off with the wand, rewarding herself for a job well done.
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