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Nikki T's First Gloryhole Video

Oftentimes we like to have a bit of mystery surrounding our gloryhole girls. Most of them have appeared in a number of other scenes for other companies, but we like more mystery, less history to increase the allure of our starlets. This week, however, we don't have to do any work to make this girl more mysterious, because this is her FIRST PORN SCENE EVER! Don't bother Googling Nikki; you won't find ANYTHING else she has ever filmed. All the same, please welcome Nikki to the gloryhole. She has a genuine innocence you can sense from the second the camera starts rolling. 23-year-old Nikki is completely natural, but that might last for long. She wants bigger boobs. It doesn't take long for her to show us her pierced nipples. Nikki got them pierced at age 19 when she realized they weren't going to grow any bigger naturally. She might use the money she earns on her knees in the gloryhole today to buy implants, then this will wind up being her only scene with natural tits! Exclusive content like this is what keeps you renewing your membership, right? Anyway, back to Nikki. She is a big fan of polyamory. Never married, she likes to maintain about ten boyfriends so she can keep her options open. Even though she is a gloryhole beginner, Nikki is pretty confident in her deep-throating abilities. Watch the way she sucks off stranger #3 and you'll see she's not all talk. She really enjoys it when the hands pop through the holes and start fondling her, especially in her shorts. Nikki tells us she needs to masturbate at least once a day, so the guys are really saving her time and putting her ahead of schedule. It must have really turned her on, because she successfully SUCKS OFF 100% OF HER ANONYMOUS STRANGERS and SWALLOWS ALL their loads! Nikki has to come back for a second round with more dicks and more cum. She rated herself a nine on the dick sucking ten-scale and she wasn't being immodest. Next time we need to challenge her with at least 15 dicks. Stay tuned here for her return appearance. Tell us in the comments how soon you want Nikki back. Until then, we'll be working on bringing you another hot girl swallowing even more loads of strangers' cum next week on!
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Callie's Third Gloryhole Video

Welcome cutie Callie to the gloryhole for her triumphant return since shooting with us a couple years ago. Her first shoot EVER at 18 years old was for us on (check it out), then she did our gloryhole for the first time soon after. Now at the tender age of 21, Callie is back for a victory lap in the booth to suck off TEN STRANGERS. Listen as the interviewers reminisce about butt plugs and chloroform with young Callie. It's pretty sweet. We also learn she is a pot and World of Warcraft enthusiast. What an interesting combo. Callie is actually a pro W.O.W. player, but she has worn many hats, including working as a server. She wasn't a fan, so that's why she ended up back here in the gloryhole. Good move, Callie. She is easing back into it, having been with only two people sexually in the last two years. She'll knock that out times five in the booth today. As the interview draws to a close and the anonymous hands begin to fondle her, Callie shows little to no reaction. This is one cool chick. That will all change, however, once those dicks start popping through the holes. Callie goes to town on her TEN ANONYMOUS COCKS like a woman possessed. She really has learned over the past three years. Watch and judge for yourself. After she gives us a quick tip on how to judge the size of a guy's johnson, Callie is on her knees and off to the races. Watch all the way through to the end and let us know what you think of her performance in the comments below. Will she be our first four-timer? The only way to find out is to come back next week to!
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Serena's First Gloryhole Video

Beautiful blonde Serena is gracing us with her presence for her FIRST GLORYHOLE EVER! We're honored she chose us for the distinction. We're also honored she decided not to wear panties into the booth. It's pretty obvious right from the start of the interview. 22-year-old Serena is going to suck off and swallow ELEVEN STRANGERS' loads today. When asked about her dick sucking technique, she says what makes her blowjobs special is how sloppy she is and how she likes to choke on the dicks. Her first blowjob given was road-head, so maybe that explains why she likes those unexpected thrusts down her throat. A self-admitted slut, Serena reveals she has had (and maintains) many boyfriends, so taking ELEVEN LOADS in her mouth might not be that much of a stretch for her, but remember, this will be her FIRST GLORYHOLE EXPERIENCE. Her 32DDs don't hurt in extracting all those loads in fairly quick order either. Serena busts them out for us to see while still in the interview chair. What a sweet gal. Once she is down on the dicks, watch for the way her mascara runs by the time she gets to about dick #8. Serena looks like a sexy T.V. evangelist's wife. It's hot. She does not care what her guys look like on the other side of the wall. In fact, she says it's actually a turn-on not knowing. You'll see just how turned on she gets sucking off all ELEVEN COCKS today. We might have to have Serena back for a second round to see if she can suck off more than eleven next time. Do you agree? Tell us in the comments below. Who will it be next week on her knees trying to best Serena's stats? There's only one way to find out; join us again next week here on!
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Trinity B's First Gloryhole Video

Today is gonna be a hot one as we fire up the gloryhole with Trinity BLAZE! She's a sizzlin' Southern Belle from Kentucky who has the sweetest accent. However, after the interview, you're not going to hear much of that accent because she will have her mouth stuffed full of ELEVEN COCKS for ELEVEN LOADS down her throat. This will be Trinity's FIRST GLORYHOLE. 28-year old Trinity is a self-admitted pleaser who loves to suck dick. It shows the way she gets off 100% of her anonymous strangers today. Trinity admits there was nothing fun to do in Kentucky, so she just used all of her spare time sucking off the local farm boys and perfecting her blowjob technique for today's gloryhole display. Good work, Trinity. Time well spent. Two of the things that really turn Trinity on are watching girls suck dick and getting throat-fucked. Today is her lucky day! She gets to do both. You'll be happy to learn Trinity is neither a spitter, nor a quitter; she loves to swallow. She gets off on the feeling of sensing in her mouth when the cock tightens up and is just about to reward her by shooting a hot load down her throat. Trinity also loves showing off her amazing 32DDDs. They make an appearance toward the end of the interview, right before she gets fondled by the mysterious hands that pop through the holes. Truth be told, she really likes the fondling. After that, it's off to the races for Trinity's ELEVEN CUMSHOTS. We like to think of it as our own version of the Kentucky Derby, only with more jizz. We find out at the end of Trinity's marathon of dicks that her previous record for dick sucking was a mere two in the same day. She shattered that record today. If you enjoyed Trinity's performance here, you should head over to our sister site to watch her amazing gangbang performance on See for yourself which you think is better and tell us in the comments. They're both pretty awesome, though. Come back this time next week for another stunning gloryhole cutie who will try and outshine Trinity's flame. It's going to be tough work. See if the mystery girl succeeds next week on!
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