Petra's Second Gloryhole Video

Petra may seem like an earthy, new age-type girl on the surface, but underneath she is still a delightfully dirty girl. It's been a while since Petra had her FIRST GLORYHOLE EXPERIENCE EVER with us last year; however, she has only gotten better and sexier. She has a new pair of pumped up lips to wrap around the nonstop parade of dicks she'll have put in her face this time around. Don't worry; she still has those hot, permanent T.H.O. ("titty hard on") nipples that come out to play in the interview, and of course once she is sucking and swallowing all those strangers. 27-year-old Petra gets a perfect score in the booth with all those assets (and we do mean ASSets) working for her. Bush lovers can rejoice as well; Petra has been growing her muff out even more than she had last time. She hasn't done another gloryhole since her first with us, so she has plenty of pent-up desire she works out with her anonymous guys on the other side of the wall today. With her jet-black hair and red and blue outfit, Petra is kind of putting out a Snow White vibe today. She says today's installment should be call "Snow White and the Seven Loads." She'll swallow way more than seven cumshots today, but the name sounds good, doesn't it? The first two dwarves stick their hands through the holes and start feeling up Petra's perky boobs for a good long while which really gets her visibly hot. It's not long before she gets down on her knees and hi-ho, it's off to work she goes on sucking off all those dudes. Should we have Petra back for a third appearance to see if she can somehow top this one? You have all the control, members, so you tell us what you think. Petra likes it when you're in control, so feel free to tell her what you want. We'll read your comments and keep in touch with Petra, in the very likely event you liked her. Until then, we'll get the booth ready for another orally-inclined cutie next week on and see you then!
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Kendra C's First Gloryhole Video

It's always a pleasure to see a fresh face in the gloryhole and 25-year-old Kendra is certified Grade-A fresh. Coming from the farms of Wisconsin, Kendra has never been in a gloryhole before. Before her upcoming Friday debut, she had never swallowed more than three loads in a day. She is about to more than triple that record in the GloryholeSecrets booth. A petite spinner, everything about Kendra is natural, including her natural firebush you will see in the interview chair because she's not wearing any panties! Her feet almost never hit the floor because she spends so much time displaying her pussy to the camera. Kendra has always prided herself on her blowjob abilities and was known for her superior head, even before she got into porn. She likes sucking cocks even more than regular sex, though she is a fan of BDSM and gangbangs. An expert deep-throater, Kendra makes some amazing gagging noises when she goes all the way down on some of the bigger guys. She is so dedicated to getting them all the way down her throat, she rips off her choker about halfway through her scene so she can open her throat all the way! That's dedication. It's no surprise Kendra gets a perfect score draining all her anonymous strangers. We might have to have her back for a round two, but that's all up to you, the fans.
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Kyra's Second Gloryhole Video

It's always a lucky day when a fan favorite returns to the gloryhole by popular demand. You wanted her, you got her; the girl with the talented tongue, Kyra is back for round two this Friday! We spoiled her for all other gloryholes. She hasn't done another since ours in 2018 and she is super excited to be back. 25-year-old Kyra was brand new to the industry on her first visit, but is now "many, many cocks in," to put it in her own words. She also has a rockin' pair of natural boobs. She doesn't even wait until she starts sucking her lineup of anonymous strangers to break those sweater puppies out. A few minutes into the interview and they're in full view to admire. Kyra is very proud of them, and for good reason. She claims her chesticles are her best feature. A lot of the faceless dudes on the other side of the wall might disagree and say it's actually her tongue. She mentions in her interview (and you'll see it when she is sucking and swallowing her guys' loads) how she circles her tongue around while she is sucking dick. That neat little trick helps her score 100% accuracy in the booth. With her increased experience, Kyra rates herself a "10" on the cock-sucking ten-scale. The proof is in the white creamy pudding after she gets all those guys off into her mouth and swallows them down her throat. Kyra's infectious giggle could be heard all the way out the door after she was done. Check it out Friday and we'll keep Kyra on speed dial for a potential three-peat on!
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Liz's First Gloryhole Video

It's always refreshing to have new energy in the gloryhole, and it doesn't get much fresher than barely 19-year-old newcomer, Liz Jordan. Because she is so young, not only is this her FIRST GLORYHOLE EXPERIENCE, but today Liz is going to suck more dicks in an hour than she has sucked in her entire life so far! She also has never sucked and swallowed a faceless stranger before, let alone a double-digit parade of them. Even though she has not had a great quantity of cock down her throat until now, she still manages to pull out a perfect score on her group of anonymous gentlemen in the booth. A NorCal girl, Liz is ticking a lot of firsts off her list in these, her debut weeks of shooting porn. While you can't see her many places yet online, you can see her in her first gangbang over on She pulls that off like a champ too. Liz is certainly not afraid of a challenge. She wasn't even the girl who was supposed to be in the gloryhole today. When somebody else dropped out in the morning, Liz picked up the phone and didn't hesitate to say "yes" at a moment's notice to sucking more cock and swallowing more cum than ever before in her life. This girl is going far. We'll have to have her back after she has gotten some more experience in the industry, but not that she needs it. Liz is already an awesome performer. Remember you saw her first on!
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