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Newcomer Hotwife Ava Debuts in Her First Gloryhole Friday!

It's a special week when we have an authentic hotwife unicorn in the gloryhole booth. Friday will kick off one of those special occasions with real hotwife Ava. She is good friends with last year's popular gloryhole girl, Molly, and the rising star queen of hotwives, Holly Hotwife. She may just be making an appearance in the booth soon too, but you'll have to stay tuned to see that. Back to this week's star, the incredibly sexy Ava, she is new to shooting mainstream porn. This will be her FIRST GLORYHOLE in front of the camera (and one of her first mainstream shoots, period). An active member of "the lifestyle," 37-year-old Ava has done a lot of things, but she has never sucked off a complete stranger before, let alone nearly TEN ANONYMOUS COCKS. Friday she will set a new personal record and swallow all their loads. Keep watching our sister site, and you will soon also see Ava set a new record for how many creampies she can take in her pussy at once. Focusing back on her performance in the booth, Ava clearly enjoys it when the hands start poking through the holes to fondle her gorgeous 34DDs. She'll use those to help get off her stable of gentlemen strangers Friday as well. Anonymous stranger #1 gets Ava right in the eye and she carries on through the rest like a trooper! Ava absolutely has to come back for a second round in the booth with even more dicks, but come back Friday to watch her gloryhole cherry get popped on!

It's the Vegas Gloryhole Debut with Blonde, Bubbly Kendra!

Coming Friday, it's the debut of our Vegas gloryhole! It's pretty dark in there, so maybe the difference isn't so obvious to the naked eye, but you'll notice a whole new Vegas attitude with our GLORYHOLE DEBUTANTE, Kendra. She shot on our sister site, before, but she has never done a gloryhole. Friday will be her first time sucking off and swallowing TEN STRANGERS' loads. 25-year old Kendra used to be a cum-dodger. She didn't like to swallow, but oh, how times have changed! Kendra has only sucked down three loads of cum before coming to the gloryhole today, so she will be more than tripling her stats when her scene comes out Friday. Did we mentions this Indiana beauty is a hotwife in the making? She's engaged! Her soon-to-be-hubby likes to be behind the camera recording her getting fucked. He'll really get off today watching Kendra orally pleasure TEN DICKS and swallow their cum down her throat. Kendra prides herself on her cock-sucking abilities, and with good reason. She rates herself a firm eight on the ten-scale. It's always the humble girls who don't give themselves nines or tens who are actually the best at extracting loads from the guys. You'll see Friday when she gets a near perfect score on her new stable of Vegas stallions. Can she suck off more? Watch her new scene Friday and you be the judge. Tell us in the comments below if you want to see Kendra come back for another cum swallowing session in the gloryhole. Remember there's only one place where you'll see awesome sperm-swallowing action like this, it's!

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