New P.O.V. Camera Videos! Higher Def! Count the Sperm in the Girl's Mouth!

Another innovation comes to this week with a newly mounted, higher quality P.O.V. camera! The new camera's state-of-the-art 4K capabilities allow even higher definition shots of the girls as they suck off their anonymous gloryhole guys, and even better, more detailed views of the loads on the girls' tongues. Count the sperm in the girl's mouth before she swallows the load! prides itself on bringing its members content on the cutting edge of gloryhole technology. Nobody else has it like we do. Check out the new P.O.V. videos and let us know your thoughts in the comments. We value your feedback!

Gabi's First Gloryhole Video

Guten Tag from Gabi Gold as this 24-year-old German newbie joins us for her FIRST GLORYHOLE experience on-camera! She had some practice in Germany at a few sex parties, but there she knew the guys on the other side of the wall, so that doesn't really count, right? We don't think so. Gloryhole semantics aside, Gabi is a promiscuous little vixen. She says she stopped counting how many dicks she sucked about two years ago because the numbers just got too high. However, she has covered a lot of ground in a very short span of time. Gabi did not suck her first dick until she was 18. We find the late bloomers often turn into the overachievers. She also prefers an aggressive sucking style over a slow, romantic blowjob. That might help explain her 100% accuracy in sucking off all ELEVEN STRANGERS' DICKS today. We learn between cumshots #3 & #4 that Gabi has a cute nickname for her pussy; she calls it Pocahontas. Her mouth game was so strong today, Gabi didn't even need Pocahontas to get off her ten little Indians. Well, ten plus one for ELEVEN CUMSHOTS down her throat! At the conclusion of her real FIRST GLORYHOLE experience, Gabi tells us it was much more fun not knowing who the guys were on the other end of the gloryhole. She'll have to come back next time she is in the States for another round on her knees. If you liked what you saw here, check out Gabi's first gangbang on too. We gave Gabi all sorts of firsts on her inaugural tour of the U.S.
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Alli, the Porn Wednesday Addams, Comes to the Gloryhole

Coming Friday, get ready for Halloween in summer with newcomer Alli in the gloryhole. She's a 19-year-old Goth girl who has spent a lot of time in dark places, but never in a gloryhole until now. Ever wondered what Wednesday Addams would look like all grown up and sucking off a team of anonymous dudes behind a wall? Come back Friday for the chance to realize your fantasy. Just like the theme song said, she's neat, sweet, and petite. If you like your girls small and natural, this is an update you won't want to miss. One thing the Addams Family theme song didn't mention, this girl gets super wet when she gives a parade of blowjobs to guys she doesn't know. Make sure to look at the floor under Alli toward the end of her gloryhole debut. She turns it into the Addams Family Slip'n'Slide. See just how creepy and kooky things get Friday when we pop Alli's gloryhole cherry on!

Jamie M's First Gloryhole Video

It's dark in the gloryhole (& that's the way we like it), but spritely Jamie Marleigh brightens the dark right up. She's a petite little thing, and we find out she owes her fit condition to practicing plenty of hot yoga. It must be hot if she's involved. 23-year-old Jamie is about to practice some serious throat yoga today, keeping those muscles limber enough to handle the TEN ANONYMOUS COCKS she will be sucking off through those dark holes. Jamie has an exotic, multi-ethnic look we haven't seen around the gloryhole in a while. A self-described "chronically happy and nice" midwesterner, Jamie has been swallowing loads since she gave her first blowjob at 16. However, until today, two dicks at the same time was her old BJ record. Never before has Jamie sucked and swallowed TEN CUMSHOTS inside of an hour. We're making history today, lady. Even though her previous record was modest, Jamie has a very detailed memory of the tastes of each of the loads she has swallowed in the past, ranging from "graham cracker puree" to "angel water." We'll have to get Jamie's notes on the TEN LOADS she swallows today and see if she can break down each one for us in such intricate detail. She gives us the highlights on a few; it seems she really likes vegan jizz. No matter what the guy's diet, this girl is a self-proclaimed cum lover. Once she gets to sucking, watch her play dick pingpong with guys #2 & 3 like it's an olympic event! After Jamie burns through her cavalcade of cocks, she looks a little disappointed for a moment because she thinks it's over. However, fear not, Jamie, we have to have you back! Watch here to see when she might come back for round two (because we know this girl can handle more dicks), or maybe soon we'll even see her over on Keep watching closely and we'll see you again next week on!
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