Paisley's First Gloryhole Video

Yee-haw! Please welcome Texas cutie Paisley to the booth this week for her GLORYHOLE DEBUT. She may be new to the industry, but she sure knows her way around a gloryhole because she used to watch this very site to get herself off! The dark room, the anonymity, the overall naughtiness of it, it's all making Paisley a bit slippery between the thighs. She admits she has blown her share of strangers before, but never TEN FACELESS COCKS behind a wall like she is going to do today. 23-year-old Paisley has a super innocent air about her, betrayed only by the fact that she sucks nameless dicks through holes for thrills. She claims her tits are a mere 32D, but that might be a conservative guess. Fortunately Paisley lets them out to breathe during the interview for further examination. Draw your own conclusions, viewers. Put your cup size estimates in the comments, if you would. They do say everything is bigger in Texas! At only 5'3", Paisley could qualify as fun-sized. All manners of fun are on the table with her as she tells us pretty much nothing is off-limits for her sexually. That's our type of girl! She tells us she is still learning to deep-throat, but she'll get plenty of practice today working on her TEN DICKS. She just about gets it down by #7. Be sure to watch all the way through to the end to see cum-drenched Paisley get herself off with the wand, rewarding herself for a job well done.
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Award Winner Avi Love’s Star Power Lights Up the Gloryhole Friday, the 7th

2019 XBIZ Best Actress award winner and three-time AVN award nominee Avi Love graces the gloryhole this coming Friday! Her unassuming, natural beauty betrays her passion for cock sucking and her ability to get off ten anonymous strangers. Hurry back on the 7th for this update to see Avi get on a roll where she sucks the guys off so well and so fast that the next guys can’t get in the gloryhole quickly enough! This is why Avi wins awards, folks. At only 23 years of age, she has plenty of time to win more though. We’d like to nominate her for our own gloryhole award of excellence for her performance here. Come back Friday to see it yourself. Remember, you saw Avi here on first!

Alli's First Gloryhole Video

19-year-old newcomer Alli Black has only been in the business for two months! She's just your average Goth girl-next-door with one little difference: she can suck off a mean NINE COCKS without blinking. As you might expect from a young newbie, this is Alli's FIRST GLORYHOLE experience. However, choking on cocks already comes naturally to her, because Alli has been into the BDSM lifestyle for a while already. It's her preferred kink. Alli is very much on the sub/pleaser side of the BDSM spectrum, which works out well for a girl in her position (on her knees, that is). She is into some crazy stuff in her personal life too, including gangbangs, though she has yet to do one on-camera. We could help you with that, Alli. For now, though, we'll stick to her anonymous blowjobs here in the gloryhole. Alli gets naked quickly, since she's only wearing a light, one-piece sundress that flies off after cock #1. A self-professed ball-lover, look for the special attention Alli gives to the sacks of several of her lucky guys. Sucking sacks and chugging cum really turns Alli on and makes her visibly wet. Watch all the way through to the end to see just how wet Alli got. It's like a Slip-N-Slide down there. While we clean up the gloryhole to avoid a slipping hazard for next week's girl, tell us what you think of Alli in the comments below. We'll read the results, rinse and repeat one more time, then see you next week on!
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Newbie Texas Cutie Paisley Comes to the Gloryhole Next Friday. Yee-haw!

Next Friday's update features the debut of Texan newcomer cutie, Paisley Porter. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and that certainly applies to Paisley's 32D assets, not to mention all the the Lone-Star-State-sized loads she is about to swallow in the gloryhole. At only 5'3", Paisley could qualify as fun-sized. However, those huge boobs of hers and that big, round butt betray her small stature and wouldn't look out of place on a girl a foot taller. Sweet, blonde, and booby, Paisley plows through her ten faceless suitors in the gloryhole and swallows their loads at a rate that would be impressive for a girl with years more experience. Come back Friday to watch her fresh face and perky boobs get covered in strangers' jizz before she chugs it all down. Paisley slurps it all up in the gloryhole booth. See why you don't mess with Texas on the next update of!
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