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Shelby's second Glory Hole Video POV Camera

Date Added:  2013-09-02   Video Length:  25 minute(s), 57 second(s)
  • Shelby\'s second Glory Hole Video POV Camera
  • Shelby\'s second Glory Hole Video POV Camera
  • Shelby\'s second Glory Hole Video POV Camera
  • Shelby\'s second Glory Hole Video POV Camera
  • Shelby\'s second Glory Hole Video POV Camera
  • Shelby\'s second Glory Hole Video POV Camera
  • Shelby\'s second Glory Hole Video POV Camera
  • Shelby\'s second Glory Hole Video POV Camera

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Shelby is kind of famous as a Glory Hole Babe. She absolutely loves to suck cock and swallow cum. We invited our big shooters for today. Shelby is up to the challenge as she heads back to the hole to get her protein for the day. Cock number 1 pushes through the hole, it's his first visit to the Glory Hole and he is lucky because Shelby really knows how to suck out the cum. She does a twirly stroke on his shaft as she sucks his head with her hungry mouth. She is ready for his load as she does her magic on his cock until he deposits the first load of cum of the day in Shelby's mouth. Cock number 2 has been with Shelby in the past, he could not pass up the invite when we told him Shelby was going to be in the booth today. She strokes and sucks him until he can't hold back any longer and gives Shelby his load in her mouth. Shelby shows the load, then swallows it down and thanks him for his deposit. Cock number 3 gives Shelby a nice big load and she squeezes a few more drops of cum from his cock. Shelby does not like to waste any protein. Cock number 4 pushes through the hole eagerly awaiting, he can't wait to be in Shelby's warm mouth. She sucks his head until he gives her a nice load of his man juice. Cock number 5 pushes through the hole loaded and ready to blast Shelby with his load. She strokes and sucks him until he unloads all over her. She still manages to get some in her mouth. Cock number 6 pushes through the hole. After waiting in line to have Shelby suck his cock it does not take long before he drops his load in Shelby's already cum covered tongue and lips. She swallows it down with a nice big smile on her face. Cock number 7 makes Shelby earn his load, she is so determined to get his load that she jerks his cock hard and fast. She then puts his cock in her mouth sucking down his load, she squeezes every last drop of cum out of his cock before calling it a day.

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