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Gina West is back at our Gloryhole - 08/25/2014 - Comments: 0

Our resident Fit MILF Gina West hit me up and wanted to come back for her fourth Gloryhole adventure. As usual Gina expressed her love for cock and cum. She took 8 cumshots and loved every minute of it. Here are some photos from Gina's latest glory hole video.

Cum loving wife visits our gloryhole - 08/17/2014 - Comments: 0

We recently added a new guy to our group that has a wife that is a true cock worshiping cum guzzler. Rain visited our gloryhole while Draven was in the booth giving blowjobs a few weeks ago. She joined in with Draven while she was sucking Rain's husband's cock, at that moment I knew we needed to invite Rain for a visit of her own. This young MILF loves to please and swallow cum. Here are some video captures from Rain's first gloryhole video.

Sexy Redhead Aleesa is back for round 2 - 08/04/2014 - Comments: 0

Our sexy redhead cock worshiper is back for her second gloryhole video. Her second visit is even better then her first. Aleesa gives blowjobs to 11 complete strangers and savors every last drop of cum. Here are some photos from this weeks HD Gloryhole Video.

Welcome Fit Redhead Alexa - 07/26/2014 - Comments: 0

One of the guys invited sexy Redhead Alexa to shoot for POV Wars a few weeks ago. Once I met her I thought she would be perfect for a gloryhole video. This girl not only loves to suck cock but is not shy about having the guys take care of her needs as well. She let several guys reach through the hole and play with her tight ass and pretty pussy. She also squirts like crazy when she deepthroats a cock. Here are some photos from Alexa's first gloryhole video.

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POV Wars
About POV Wars
The guys that created Gloryhole Secrets were sitting around having cocktails one evening when one of us pulled out his phone and showed us a video he made of himself getting a blow job by his girlfriend. (he is married by the way) Another one of the guys said he had just made a POV video of himself fucking his wife, after that a few more guys chimed in and said they had made videos as well. Knowing how competitive guys can be, we all started giving each other a hard time about who was the best POV shooter. The POV Wars concept was born. Now our next challenge was to find real amateur girls that would let 5 guys have their way with them one after another. After a few more cocktails we came up with the idea to invite 1 girl to come over to our place that we knew loved to fuck and suck. Each week we draw 5 names from the group. The 5 guys that get drawn get their chance to make their own POV video with the girl.


What our Members have to say about Glory Hole Secrets. These are just a few of many. If you are having any doubt about becoming a member you are always welcome to contact me here.

Glory hole secrets is a fantastic site. Great mix of professional women and enthusiastic amateurs who just love suck cock and swallow come at the Glory hole. A great pre-update interview lets you glimpse what the lady is like and great camera work and video quality make it a worthy entertainment investment. Screen caps and downloadable pic files allow each member to archive their favorite models and enjoy both video and stills. Adding the POV wars site is a great bonus to a solid glory hole site. The forum for both sites adds another layer of entertainment through interaction with the staff and models. Suggestions are heard and the membership has a vote in the sites direction. What more could you ask!?

This is the best gloryhole website in the business. Every model is a goddess who likes to suck cock. Enjoy every shoot from 2 camera angles & don’t forget to watch the pictures. Join the forum and you have the possibility to interact with the models, the producers, the other members and also have a say in the next shoot. I love this website.
Mike J

Just stumbled on your site the other day, and it is kick ass. THE best GH site out there by a long shot. Most of the other ones look like they use skinny, drug infested skanks and whores.
Love the tag teams of girls, and welcome more of it, especially the cum sharing.
Special applause to Mandy and Vee. Unbelievable. More, more and more. Mandy has an incredible body and sexy face, and great attitude and would love to see a ton more of her.
Keep up the great work!

I have been a member of a few gloryhole websites but this site is by far the best online. The video quality is amazing. The updates are consistant even the photos are hot and I'm a video guy. I also love the new POV Wars site you gave us free access to. Thanks for creating a great site, I look forward to every update.

Hello, I'm blown away with what you have done with a simple hole in a wall. I have always been a fan of gloryholes but it was mainly to get my cock sucked. What you have done with your camera angles and using mutilple cameras have really taken "Gloryhole" to a new level. This site over the top.