Jewels Jade Second Gloryhole Video

Look who's back! Jewels Jade round 2 and she is ready to break her record!! A GloryHoleSecret record!! Jewels admits that shooting for the gloryhole is one of her all time favorite shoots and needless to say this hot pornstar has shot a lot! She goes for the gusto as cock number 1 pushes through the hole. She takes his cock deep inside her mouth. She strokes and sucks, he is getting hard for her. He pops into her mouth, she continues to suck him until she gets every last drop. She gets a little messy, some drips out of her mouth, but she swallows most of it. She says thank you and moves over to cock number 2. She pulls off her sexy top and exposes her big titties and pierced nipples. She gets busy on his cock, she spits on it and is excited it's growing for her. She gives him a blowjob/handjob mix until he cums on her tongue, it's a big one and she loves swallowing the big ones. Jewels stands up and pulls off her skirt, showing off her ripped up hard body. 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Last but not least she moves over to cock number 22. She plays with his cock, he grows for her. She treats him like he was the first of the day, taking him deep. She sucks and strokes until he cums in her mouth, giving her 22 cum loads for the day. Jewels is happy she has not only set a personal record, but also a GloryHoleSecrets record. Way to go Jewels!

Featuring: Jewels Jade
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Date Added: October 4, 2014

Video Length: 123 minute(s), 45 second(s)

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