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Skylar S's First Gloryhole Video

Skylar is one horny hot babe, she loves sex and sucking cock. She already had sex this morning and is ready for more dick!! Looks like she came to the right place. She talks about her all natural breasts that are 34DDD. Nice, we always love to see different size tits, real or fake they are all amazing. Skylar is super cute and very naughty, the perfect combination. She is hoping the guys reach through the holes to touch her ass, pussy and tits. She says one of her best features is her tits so of course she pulls them out of her tank top and start to bounce them around. She is right, they are pretty awesome. Cock number 1 can't help but reach through the hole and touch her soft titty. The more she plays with them the harder her nipples get. Skylar talks about how magical her pussy is as she pulls down her jean shorts. She spreads her pussy wide apart and says how tight she is. She licks her big titties as the cocks start coming through the holes. She grabs two of them and starts to stroke them. She gets them both rock hard in no time. Man this girl can suck dick, you must have your volume up so you can hear her gurgle, moan and groan. She loves to deepthroat and gag herself too. As she is stroking and sucking, one of the guys gets out the vibrator and plays with her clit and pussy. This makes her super wet and even more horny. She definitely loves to worship these strangers cocks. She takes their big cum loads on to her tongue and swallows like a good girl. She wants to fuck the last guy, she back her nice round booty up to the hole and guides his hard cock into her tight wet pussy. She fucks him until he is ready to cum. Once he starts to cum, she gets on her knees and takes the last cum shot of the day right into her sexy mouth and swallows it down. She misses a little drip, but don't worry, she licks it off the floor. She would love to come back for more cocks next time. What do you guys think?
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Ella K's First Gloryhole Video

Alright, alright. Settle down, guys. For those of you who wrote to us all upset that we tricked you and told you that Trixie was latina and she was only half latina, don’t worry, we heard you! Ella K? She is the real thing! 100% latina and 100% cocksucker! What could be better? 100% blonde and 100% cocksucker? Brunette? Skinny? Mature? Don’t worry! We’ve got them all and they ALL suck cock and swallow load after load of cum!
Anyway, back to our lovely little cocksucking latina Ella. She is very, very pretty with big, natural floppy titties. Her brown hair is lovely. At 30 seconds in we learn that she watches lesbian porn. She has never seen a gloryhole booth. At 1:00 she says that sucking anonymous guys off turns her on. This is the first time she has blown a series of anonymous men.
She describes her cock sucking and cum swallowing experience, which started at 16 and ended with her getting cum in her mouth (and swallowing) at 19. At 7:35 she is naked, her legs spread and her pussy open. She gets wet sucking strange cock. She keeps playing with herself as her interview continues. At 9:00 she moves the chair so the guys can put something in her mouth. She does good work with this decent sized white cock. Her blowjobs are, to start, very sensual, back and forth with a lot of spit and some nice hand motion. Once she gets him hard though, she starts bobbing and gagging herself faster and faster.
As she kneels down farther to take this lucky s.o.b. into her throat we can see the cock and balls of the next guy waiting his lucky turn. At 11:00 Mitt tells the guy not yet getting blown to reach through and feel her ass as she sucks the first anonymous cock of the night. Some nice hand technique and … pow … at 13:45 she is getting ropes of jism on her face and into her mouth. She scrapes the sperm on her face into her mouth and down it goes!
At 15:00 she has lucky anonymous stranger #2 in her pretty mouth. Again, the guy not yet getting blown reaches through to feel her up. this guy has got a huge johnson but she is up for the task. At 16:00 she murmurs her surprise at how big he grew and Mitt tells her to try to deepthroat him. No dice! Good try, though. Excellent hand technique and at 22:00 she is getting squirted with baby batter again. At 22:30 she shows her huge load of sperm in her mouth and swallows it down. Takes two tries!
At 23:20 she has the first black dick of the night in her pretty mouth. Lots of vigorous, fast bobbing action. You can see her big tits wobbling. At 23:45 she puts her hands behind her back and deepthroats him, and then back to hand and mouth technique. Her pussy is getting wet and she fingers herself as she sucks off this stranger. Gotta love these women!
He is a tough nut to crack (so to speak) and even though she talks dirty to him “I want your cum all over my tongue”, she just cannot get him to jizz. At 32:00 she turns and takes cock #4 in her mouth while she strokes cock #3 to keep him hard and interested Anonymous stranger #4 is big and hard. Doesn’t look like he is going to have ANY trouble feeding our pretty little cocksucker. At 32:20 she does a very sexy job of looking into the camera while slurping on the head of his big dick.
At 37:20 she earns her third knock and gets another load of sperm in her mouth. Tongue out, she shows us all the sperm in her mouth and then she swallows and is ready for more! She turns back to cock #3, looking for her fourth knock. He jerks it out onto her tongue. He unloads into her sweet mouth as she kneels at his feet. Another big, big load. Down it goes. “You ever have this much cum before?” “Nope!”
But she is ready for more! Cock #5 is in her mouth at 41:30. A nice thick one, but she can get most of his down her throat. Very, very pretty. At 42:10 she is balls deep, and stroking his balls at the same time. She earns her knock at 42:45 and down goes the 5th cumload of the night! At 43:50, as instructed, she backs into the corner and fingers her pussy. So very pretty, especially as she eyes the eager big cock pushing through the hole by her face. At 45:20 she has cock #6 in her mouth. He soft – wtf!?
Nevermind, she sucks him to happy hardness in no time and he pops a huge load at 46:30! At 47:20: “You having fun?” “Yes!!” “You like sucking dick?” “Yes!” By 48:30 se is in the corner again, her legs spread, fingering her wet pussy some more. At 48:45 she back up on her knees, sucking on a big, thick, black cock. This lucky guy number 7 is the first one who gets his balls licked, at 51:40, and then it is back to hand and mouth work on his monster dong.
He nuts into her mouth at 55:30 and she sucks the cum right out of him. Well done, sweetheart! And she spits it all over her tits and rubs it all in. for those of you who really like big, cum covered titties, this sweetie is DEFINITELY for you. And there is Cock 8 waiting for her. He is in her mouth at 57:05. She has been at this for over an hour! Evidently now is the time to fuck and she bends over and puts him into her pussy. Remember: She has NO IDEA who this guy is. She is very pretty while she is getting fucked by a stranger.
Nice shot of her fingering herself at 1:01:20. Very pretty little pussy. He knocks … and she doesn’t move. You can hear him panting as he enjoys cumming inside this hot little sweetie. We see the cum dripping out of her pussy for the last one minute interview, legs spread and cum filled pussy open for the viewing pleasure of our members, of course.
Thank you, Ella! So question for you horny fellas: Do you want the guys to tell the girls how they cum? Whether they want the girl to suck them dry and then show us the load, or if the girl in the booth should jerk them into her mouth?
Please let us know. Your perverted desire is our command!
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Trixie's First Gloryhole Video

Welcome! Please meet our newest friend Trixie!
She is a 22 year old pretty dark-haired newbie with piercing blue eyes. Still dressed in her tight gray dress and black bra she looks like an innocent sweetie but by 2 minutes in she is describing the taste of cum in her mouth. She prefers uncircumcised cocks on a cleanshaven guy. At a minute and 11 seconds she reveals that she has only blown 15 guys in her life. For a gloryhole girl, she is nearly virginal! She explains that she has only blown 15 guys because she is a relationship kind of girl. Oh, sweetheart! Not today … not today. In about exactly three minutes and 5 seconds you are going to have a strange man’s cock in your mouth … and then another … and then another …
But enough of that. It is beautiful to watch a new girl really go to town on dicks in the booth, but before we get there, the questions continue. She wants to go to Amsterdam for the pot and coffee. That’s kind of unexpected. Interesting, but why she is still dressed and not sucking dick yet?! She is delightfully nervous, squirming a bit in her chair under the questions and giving single syllable answers. Everyone is anxious to see her get started! She must be supergirl, because at 4:10 she is dressed and at 4:11 she is naked and on her knees, bobbing for sperm. She might be new to cocksucking before a camera, and she might not have blown more than a couple of dozen guys, but she clearly knows her way around a dick. She starts her first with a tender suck job, taking his half-hard cock down to the root and using some very skilled hand action on the cock and balls. By 5:15 she has him nicely hardened up and is working to take him all the way down. He seems to like that because he knocks at 5:35 and she jumps back before remembering why she is in the booth and dives back down on his dick. She sucks him through his orgasm and opens her mouth to show the camera the cum she captured. At 6:10 she swallows and is directed to the other side for the second anonymous dick eager to penetrate her pretty mouth.
She gets him started at 6:13 with a nice hand job before diving onto his cock. You can tell she knows her way around a man by the moan she elicits from the lucky son of a gun at 6:24. She has a great deep suck style, assisted with her fingers around the cock. He knocks at 7:15 and drops a big load in her pretty mouth. This time she does a better job of showing it to the camera although it is such a big load that she drops a little. Oh well, newbies can be forgiven! She swallows the rest and looks for more instruction. “Back and forth! Like tennis!” And by 7:40 she has her mouth around her third cock and giggles as she starts her most excellent suck technique. She uses her pretty hands more now, but never stops her bobbing and deep sucking. This third guy has the biggest cock so far and she really gives him a shot, trying to get down to the root. She never really gets there, but she sure gives it the old college try!
It is quite clear that she really enjoys her task. At 9:33 she really gets close to all the way down her throat, but it is too much and she goes back to bobbing, and then back to deep as she can, and then back to the tip. What a trooper! At Mitt’s instruction, at 10:25, she pulls her hair back so we can all enjoy more clearly seeing her slide her lovely mouth up and down the anonymous stranger’s dick. How sweet, sexy and unbelievably hot! This guy is a tough nut to crack (so to speak), but she gets his knock at 11:10. She does not jerk away this time, but eagerly slurps as the tip of his cock while stroking his cock through his orgasm. A nice sized load in her pretty mouth and she plays with his cum for a few moments before swallowing at 11:31.
What’s next? Turn around, say hello to yet another dick and start slurping away, of course! She starts on stranger number 4 at 11:40. Her pretty, 22 year old tits are on display from this angle as she blows him. She is getting better and better at taking these guys deeper. At 12:53 she sucks him deep enough to bump her nose on the wall. Very, very hot. By 13:13 she has him all the way down, balls deep. Lucky bastard! How this guy managed to avoid nutting this far into this amazing blowjob I will never know. This guy has amazing willpower because she is still going strong at 15:35 – and then, the knock! This time she does not just suck the tip but keeps sucking deep throughout his load. At 16:00 every drop goes down the hatch and she turns to her right for her first black cock … at least for today.
We never learn whether this is her first black cock, but he nuts almost immediately at 17:02 and she eagerly sucks his load down and moves over for cock number 6! She reaches through and gets her new friend, a little guy – nice break from her from a series of monster dongs – and gets going. He’s got a little stage fright, it seems, but this pretty little cocksucker knows how to drain a man’s balls. Pretty soon she’s got him hardened up and happy. She works him with her own suck and hand technique – which is very impressive – and at 21:05 she throats him a couple of times. Damn! How do these guys manage … oops! There is his knock at 21:30. She shows off her prize and moves on over to her right again for her seventh dick.
Wonder if she will beat her record of 15 boyfriend cocks in six years with a series of strange, anonymous dicks in one afternoon? She deepthroats him at 22:40 and he immediately knocks. Gives her a nice load which she shows off, swallows and moves over. This next lucky bastard wants to play with those tits for a few moments but soon – by 22:30 – he’s got his dick in her mouth. Her 8th of the day! She one is thicker than the rest, but at 24:10 she gets a knock from him and swallows his load down.
She IMMEDIATELY dives onto cock 9. He is rock hard and ready for her. (Wouldn’t you be?) She really seems to like this penis more than the others and gets her knock at 25:30 – almost immediately. He gives her a really nice load. You could hear him moaning and panting as she sucked him as he blew his nut so you knew he was giving her the goods.
Strange cock #10 is in her luscious, sweet mouth by 26:00 flat. She shows no sign of tiring or slowing and just gets right to work. Back and forth, up and down, slurp slurp. Another nice thick cock, by the way, but she tries to get it all the way down even so. This one is a bit of a challenge but by 27:35 she just about has it. By 28:55 she is bouncing her nose off of his belly on her downstroke! At 30:15 she is alllll the way down. She is really trying to get him to bust his nut! She gets the knock as she goes all the way down at 31:05. Decent loan, down it goes, and by 31:26 she has cock number 11 in her mouth!
He is soft, but who the hell can figure that out? She can, and gets him hardened up in no time. She gags a little as she takes him all the way down to the root at 32:30. Still, this guy has staying power! She forces him into her throat at 34:00 and gives a sexy little cough. There is little better than a hot and sexy 22 year old raven haired beauty lightly stroking your balls while bobbing away on your johnson. By 34:45 you can see that he is getting close and she redoubles her efforts. She gets her knock and her reward at 36:01. Decent load and down it goes. 11 was it. Great job by a great girl. She asks for a napkin or a wipe but Mitt (just like all the rest of us) likes to see her with sperm on her pretty face.
Mitt has her sit down and asks her the burning question: What nationality are you? She answers she is Spanish and something else, but we cannot make it out. He tells her that she swallowed 11 loads this afternoon and wants to know how they all tasted. “Some fruity, some not.” The most distinct taste she got today was cinnamon. Weird, but she would come back, so let’s hear from you all! Should we have her back? How many cocks next time? For all you fans of closed mouth cumshots, this girl is for you. If Leena is a the queen of the oral creampie, Trixie is her lady in waiting. Um … well, she is most certainly a lady, but I am not certain that she will wait too long if there is a cock available for her to suck. Let’s hear from all you fans of pretty girls sucking cock and swallowing sperm! Be well, ‘til next time …
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Angela's Second Gloryhole Video

Welcome the sexy squirter Angela back to our gloryhole booth. She started the day off by doing a sexy dance for the guys, something different. The guys loved it and so did she, kind of set the mood. It got everyone all hot and horny. During her interview she spreads her fit legs showing off her pretty pussy, no panties of course. As she waits for the guys to push through the holes she strips off her sexy dress. She gets down on her knees and the first cock pushes through. He is soft, but not for long. Angela gives an amazing blowjob and gets these strangers rock hard in no time. She loves to deepthroat and she also likes talking dirty to the guys. She moans and groans as these big dicks go in and out of her mouth. She ties her hands behind her back and sucks with no hands, she enjoys being a submissive using just her sexy mouth, lips and tongue. After she pleasures 19 guys and swallows all 19 cum loads she wants to get off herself. She sits down and starts to rub her pussy and clit fast and hard until she squirts all over the place.
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