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Tiffany B's Second Gloryhole Video

Awww the brunette beauty is here at our gloryhole for round #2 after almost 3 years. She admits her favorite shoots are with our crew. We are flattered of course, even better it's Tiffany's birthday. She wanted to spend her special day sucking on some cocks and swallowing cum loads. Nice! She has become officially a MILF since the last shoot, and she is one hot one. Mmmm Mmmm! Tiffany talks about all the gadgets she has used in the past to masturbate including faucets, electric toothbrushes and shower heads. She is one horny girl. She stands up, pulls off her clothes and shows off her tight tan body. She is so ready for the cocks to push through the holes. She gets on her knees and the fun begins. She has some of the best dick sucking lips around and has a huge tongue to hold the cum with. Tiffany sucks, strokes and these lucky 8 guys get to blast her with their hot cum. She even backs her ass up to the hole and gets a big creampie injected into her pretty pussy. A birthday she will never forgot.
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Abby's First Gloryhole Video

Abby, our newest cocksucker, is a bubbly, pretty 19 year old Minnesotan. Ever see a Minnesota girl with a stranger’s cock in her mouth? Stick around!
This is her second shoot. Quite new to the porn scene but she says she has sucked a lot of dick. First time she swallowed was her recent boyfriend, at 2:00, as she described. She was the first girl who made him bust his load before they fuck and she takes his nut in her mouth. Kinda hot to know she has a boyfriend back home while she sucks stranger’s cock. She only has swallowed her boyfriend cum … and the cum of the guy on her first shoot the day before. 3:45 What this means, of course, is that she is going to be entering new territory after she gets the first two guys to cum in her pretty mouth.
Fun discussion of watching the video with her boyfriend when it is released. 5:00 At 8:00 she reveals that she is going to suck a series of stranger’s cocks in order to pay for school. Quite a good little businesswoman, evidently. Shirt comes off at 9:30 with tits out shortly thereafter. She is quite comfortable with her body, that is for sure.
Cocks appear and at 11:08 she has her first cock in her hand. Knock explanation provided and then .. away we go! Her technique is quite impressive, hard sucking on the head with some nice hand action on the cock and balls. He is hard in no time. He knocks at 16:00 and she does an excellent job of staying low and showing us the ropes of jism shoot into her mouth. Down it goes and on to cock #2!
Cock #2 is in her mouth at 17:05 and he knocks at 23:10, after thrusting into her mouth for a minute or so. She does a sweet job of kissing the cock as he finishes in her mouth. Down it goes too!
At 23:55 cock #3 is in her mouth. Remember, we are now in uncharted waters! She has already doubled the number of men whose sperm she has swallowed. Cock #3 will be new! At 35:48 she deepthroats him and he nuts. Sperm shown to the camera and then down it goes.
Cock #4 is next and she is bobbing for sperm on this stranger at 36:40. “Oh yay!” (Direct quote. This sweetie has a sweet tooth for cock.” He blows his load at 41:45 and she slurps a huge load into her mouth. It is enough for her to play with it and she smiles as she swallows it all down. “That was the most I have ever had in my mouth at one time!”
Cock #5 in her mouth at 42:40. He thrusts into her mouth and grunts as he approaches release. The knock, and sperm, arrives at 50:30. Not nearly the load as before, but she still gets to enjoy a stranger’s cum in her mouth. And enjoy is the right word. She seems so happy to be in the booth.
Cock #6 at 51:50 is already hard before she starts. Not terribly surprising as she seems to know how to give killer blowjobs. She sucks him for a while but wants to fuck this complete stranger bareback and so hops up on the handy stool provided and backs herself onto his cock at the one hour mark. They both seem to be enjoying themselves (duh!) and she reveals that she has given this stranger her ass. At 1:00:05 she is back on her knees, hearing her knock and his cum. The big load goes down and then on to cock #7!
But before that, she sits down for more interview. She is quite comfortable and happy in the booth, with the cum of six strangers in her belly. Lucky number 7 is in her mouth at 1:00:07. Again, lovely technique even after an hour of straight dicksucking. This girl certainly has stamina. She gets his load after only three minutes and swallows it all down at 1:00:09.
Cock #8 is ready and she immediately turns to take on the next comer … err, cummer. Whatever. She sucks his dick and that is all that matters. He moans happily and pops in her mouth at 1:00:11. Big load sucked right out of him. “What a little cum angel!” She giggles, scoops the sperm from her chin into her mouth and swallows it all down.
She promises to return with Minnesota food and away we go. Until the next cocksucking hottie … be well! And remember, if you want a shot at becoming one of our regulars, feeding your cock to our cocksucking beauties, join, stay a while, post on the forums … and, hey! You never know!
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Ella K's First Gloryhole Video

Alright, alright. Settle down, guys. For those of you who wrote to us all upset that we tricked you and told you that Trixie was latina and she was only half latina, don’t worry, we heard you! Ella K? She is the real thing! 100% latina and 100% cocksucker! What could be better? 100% blonde and 100% cocksucker? Brunette? Skinny? Mature? Don’t worry! We’ve got them all and they ALL suck cock and swallow load after load of cum!
Anyway, back to our lovely little cocksucking latina Ella. She is very, very pretty with big, natural floppy titties. Her brown hair is lovely. At 30 seconds in we learn that she watches lesbian porn. She has never seen a gloryhole booth. At 1:00 she says that sucking anonymous guys off turns her on. This is the first time she has blown a series of anonymous men.
She describes her cock sucking and cum swallowing experience, which started at 16 and ended with her getting cum in her mouth (and swallowing) at 19. At 7:35 she is naked, her legs spread and her pussy open. She gets wet sucking strange cock. She keeps playing with herself as her interview continues. At 9:00 she moves the chair so the guys can put something in her mouth. She does good work with this decent sized white cock. Her blowjobs are, to start, very sensual, back and forth with a lot of spit and some nice hand motion. Once she gets him hard though, she starts bobbing and gagging herself faster and faster.
As she kneels down farther to take this lucky s.o.b. into her throat we can see the cock and balls of the next guy waiting his lucky turn. At 11:00 Mitt tells the guy not yet getting blown to reach through and feel her ass as she sucks the first anonymous cock of the night. Some nice hand technique and … pow … at 13:45 she is getting ropes of jism on her face and into her mouth. She scrapes the sperm on her face into her mouth and down it goes!
At 15:00 she has lucky anonymous stranger #2 in her pretty mouth. Again, the guy not yet getting blown reaches through to feel her up. this guy has got a huge johnson but she is up for the task. At 16:00 she murmurs her surprise at how big he grew and Mitt tells her to try to deepthroat him. No dice! Good try, though. Excellent hand technique and at 22:00 she is getting squirted with baby batter again. At 22:30 she shows her huge load of sperm in her mouth and swallows it down. Takes two tries!
At 23:20 she has the first black dick of the night in her pretty mouth. Lots of vigorous, fast bobbing action. You can see her big tits wobbling. At 23:45 she puts her hands behind her back and deepthroats him, and then back to hand and mouth technique. Her pussy is getting wet and she fingers herself as she sucks off this stranger. Gotta love these women!
He is a tough nut to crack (so to speak) and even though she talks dirty to him “I want your cum all over my tongue”, she just cannot get him to jizz. At 32:00 she turns and takes cock #4 in her mouth while she strokes cock #3 to keep him hard and interested Anonymous stranger #4 is big and hard. Doesn’t look like he is going to have ANY trouble feeding our pretty little cocksucker. At 32:20 she does a very sexy job of looking into the camera while slurping on the head of his big dick.
At 37:20 she earns her third knock and gets another load of sperm in her mouth. Tongue out, she shows us all the sperm in her mouth and then she swallows and is ready for more! She turns back to cock #3, looking for her fourth knock. He jerks it out onto her tongue. He unloads into her sweet mouth as she kneels at his feet. Another big, big load. Down it goes. “You ever have this much cum before?” “Nope!”
But she is ready for more! Cock #5 is in her mouth at 41:30. A nice thick one, but she can get most of his down her throat. Very, very pretty. At 42:10 she is balls deep, and stroking his balls at the same time. She earns her knock at 42:45 and down goes the 5th cumload of the night! At 43:50, as instructed, she backs into the corner and fingers her pussy. So very pretty, especially as she eyes the eager big cock pushing through the hole by her face. At 45:20 she has cock #6 in her mouth. He soft – wtf!?
Nevermind, she sucks him to happy hardness in no time and he pops a huge load at 46:30! At 47:20: “You having fun?” “Yes!!” “You like sucking dick?” “Yes!” By 48:30 se is in the corner again, her legs spread, fingering her wet pussy some more. At 48:45 she back up on her knees, sucking on a big, thick, black cock. This lucky guy number 7 is the first one who gets his balls licked, at 51:40, and then it is back to hand and mouth work on his monster dong.
He nuts into her mouth at 55:30 and she sucks the cum right out of him. Well done, sweetheart! And she spits it all over her tits and rubs it all in. for those of you who really like big, cum covered titties, this sweetie is DEFINITELY for you. And there is Cock 8 waiting for her. He is in her mouth at 57:05. She has been at this for over an hour! Evidently now is the time to fuck and she bends over and puts him into her pussy. Remember: She has NO IDEA who this guy is. She is very pretty while she is getting fucked by a stranger.
Nice shot of her fingering herself at 1:01:20. Very pretty little pussy. He knocks … and she doesn’t move. You can hear him panting as he enjoys cumming inside this hot little sweetie. We see the cum dripping out of her pussy for the last one minute interview, legs spread and cum filled pussy open for the viewing pleasure of our members, of course.
Thank you, Ella! So question for you horny fellas: Do you want the guys to tell the girls how they cum? Whether they want the girl to suck them dry and then show us the load, or if the girl in the booth should jerk them into her mouth?
Please let us know. Your perverted desire is our command!
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Esperanza's First Gloryhole Video

For all you fans of hot latina girls who enjoy slurping on cock, Esperanza is the girl of your dreams! Esperanza … Esperanza.
Esperanza is spanish for hope … as in ‘I hope she sucks my cock.’ Join us as a member, stay in good standing for a few months, regularly post on the forums, and as they say in the lottery commercials: ‘Hey! You never know! Well, we know certain things. We know she is cute, horny and is soon going to be on her knees with a dick in her mouth. The lucky man Mitt gets to ask her what she think those holes in the walls are for: “I am going to suck dick!” General hilarity ensues. We have a vivacious and horny little 20 year old to enjoy today. Some general sex questions before the fun begins. She gets wet by sucking cock. Wow, so cool. She looks latina but she is from The Netherlands. (For you geniuses out there, that is in Europe.) She is half-dutch and half-spanish so she is only really a half-latina. (But 100% a blowjob queen.)
The quote of the day: “Your eyes are so beautiful. They are going to look so good when you have a cock in your mouth today.” Truer words have never been spoken. It turns her on to know that she is sucking a perfect stranger’s cock. At 6:00 she is moving the chair, dropping onto her her knees and at 6:20 has the first dick in her mouth. Mitt was right! Her eyes do look even better while she is sucking dick! She has a nice suck only technique with a touch of ball licking thrown in just for fun. She is clearly enjoying herself and taking her time with the cock in her mouth. At 8:20 she does her best to deepthroat him and tries to lick his balls on the deep part of the downstroke.
Some nice hot gagging sounds at 8:54 and at 9:10 she is topless and getting back to work on lucky dick number 1. At 10:40, after gagging herself on him for a while she sucks at his balls, and then back to bobbing for sperm. At 11:40 she is still working on the first dude and Mitt asks her if she is having fun. Esperanza gives a little smile and a nod and dives back onto the cock. At 11:45 she gives a perfectly adorable glance at the camera, the beauty of it marred only by the cock right in her face … err, maybe that makes it even better. You decide!
At 12:35 back to ball licking and then back to gagging herself. Still on guy number 1! Such stamina! At 13:48 she finally gets his knock and she happily strokes him off into her mouth. There is a cute little bead of sperm on her upper lip but she cleans it up and down it all goes. Our little Esperanza had her choice of dick to suck and at 14:30 she turned to the back of the booth. Again, all suck. No hands at all until Mitt tells her to throw some hand action in at 15:10. By 17:42 she is still sucking away at cock number 2. At 17:59 she gets her knock and strokes him off into her mouth. She appears to enjoy sperm, that is for sure. It is quite the big load but it goes right down and then, at 18:30, on to strange cock number 3!
This time she starts with hand and suck action. With her delicate features and pretty, long brunette hair she looks very pretty – especially with a fat cock in her mouth. This guy does not follow the instructions and he pops in her mouth at 19:45 without a knock! “You ready for more?” Mitt asks our pretty little cocksucker at 20:00 and she nods and gets right down onto dick number 4. At 21:35 she does a good job of gagging herself. She takes him almost all the way down to his balls, and then it is back to bobbing and gagging some more.
She gets frustrated at 31:39 and whispers, “Ahhh, fuck,” and Mitt directs her to another cock. At 32:10 she locks balls for the first time and goes back to suck only technique. At 36:00 she gets this guy to unload and enjoys another mouthful of sperm. She turns back to the guy she could not get to nut and redoubles her efforts to eat his cum. At 37:30 she is working his joint with her mouth and hands but he is not hardening up. This looks like a difficult situation. She finally gets his knock at 41:36 and she sucks everything out of him quite tenderly. Down the hatch!
At 42:30 there are no more guys at the holes, although Mitt assures her that there will be. While they wait Mitt makes her sit with her legs spread and finger her pretty pussy. She sure seems to be enjoying that! At 43:35 she has cock 6 in her mouth. Quite a fat one and she works it with her hands and mouth. She gags herself a few times at 44:11 and then it is back to suck only again. From the angle of the camera we get a nice shot of her pretty little tits. Cock 6 nuts at 44:47 and she again tenderly sucks everything out of him and gives a happy little wiggle dance with her mouth full of cum.
There is another pause as guys find their way to the holes but by 46:00 she has another dick in her mouth. At Mitt’s instruction she strokes the cock while she sucks it. she does not quite have the rhythm down of the stroke and suck but he seems to be enjoying himself. Wouldn’t you be?! She can completely deepthroat this guy and at 47:43 she has her pretty little nose pressed against his belly. He knocks at 49:38 and we see his sperm spurt into her pretty mouth. A big smile, pretty eyes, and down it all goes at 50:00.
At 50:40 Mitt has her spread her legs and play with herself again. She fingers herself while looking up at the next cock waiting for her. Then she spins around, hops up and at slurps cock number 8 into her mouth. Hand action and some nice, sexy, slurpy sounds. At 55:40 he unloads into her mouth and she swallows it all down. Not done yet, sweetie! “Starting to turn you on?” “Yes. It makes me want to fuck.”
“Well then, get it into your mouth and get it hard!” She pops it into her mouth to get him hard. Some ball licking appears to be in order because she is promised a good fuck from this complete stranger. At 1:01:45 he is hard enough and she turns around and sticks is cock into her pussy. At 1:06:15 she gets her knock and drops back down to her knees to suck and swallow this final stranger. That’s all she wrote … errr, blew, fellas. Until next time …
September 22, 2017
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