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Ella's Second Gloryhole Video

Destiny's First Gloryhole Video

This is Destiny's first gloryhole ever! She has not even done one in her personal life and she is pretty wild. Not only is she super excited to suck off these strangers, her boyfriend is also very excited. He can't wait until she comes home and tells him all about it. Destiny is not a big swallower, but she will be after this is over. She only really swallows her boyfriends cum. Boy is she in for some tasty treats today. During her interview while she is talking both of the guys reach through the holes and start playing with her tits. She has amazing breasts too, so perky. When she is ready for some cocks, she stands up and shows us her micro skirt, it barely covers her nice little ass. She isn't wearing any panties so the guys can reach up and feel her pretty pussy. She gets down on her knees and takes the first dick into her mouth, she sucks, strokes and she runs her tongue in all the right spots. She strips off her shirt and shows off her all natural beautiful titties. For not swallowing much cum, Destiny sure knows what she is doing. She holds it in her mouth making sure we get to see it before it goes down her throat. She rips through these lucky guys making them cum one after another. That's the most cum that she has ever had in her tummy, but she said she would love to come back for even more. Woohoo!
June 15, 2018
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Kat M's First Gloryhole Video

Welcome Kat to our gloryhole, this is her first visit, but I doubt it will be her last. She loves sucking dick and swallowing cum, she likes the way it tastes, some sweet, some salty. She loves when guys eat a lot of fruit because their semen tastes so yummy. Kat loves wet sloppy blowjobs, the more spit the more she loves it. She also is into making spit bubbles and likes when people spit in her mouth. Kat loves to deepthroat and gag on big thick cocks and you will see that today. During her interview she pulls over her top, shows her hard nipples and nice perky all natural titties. Two cocks push through the holes and she can't decide which one to suck first so she starts to jerk both of them at the same time. She licks them both then decides which one she wants to drain first. And of course she does just that. She sucks, jerks and licks his big hard dick until he explodes into her mouth. She pulls off her top and moves to cock 2. She defiantly knows her way around a cock, these guys love her sexy warm mouth around them. Kat strips off her pants and shows off her hot sexy body. She lets the guys reach through and touch her all over. She pleasures all these 12 lucky strangers and by the end of the day she is pretty much covered in cum and spit, which we know she loves.
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Riley's First Gloryhole Video

Riley is super excited to be at our gloryhole, she is ready for a lot of dicks. She has come to the right place. She is a HUGE jizz lover, she loves it in her pussy and in her mouth. She also loves facials, but she says she wants to be greedy today and swallow all these cum loads. Riley says she was a late bloomer when it came to sucking cock, she licked pussy before she had a dick in her mouth. She says once that dick was in her mouth it seemed like the sensible thing to do was to swallow it. Plus it was in a car and didn't want to make a mess. :) She knows she is good at sucking cock because she was nominated by AVN for an award, she rates herself a 9. She knew her interview was over when one of the guys reaches through the holes to touch her sexy body, two dicks are patiently waiting so she picks one. She wastes no time wrapping her gorgeous lips around their cock and starts to suck. She lifts up her shirt and starts to play with her all natural perky titties. The other guy reaches through and starts playing with her. She starts licking his balls and jerking him at the same time. She is in heaven! She pulls down her shorts for easier access. Riley gets totally naked, as she continues to pleasure guy after guy she starts playing with herself at the same time. She moans and groans. She licks, strokes and sucks these guys until they all pop their hot cum right on to her tongue and she swallows every last drop. She makes sure to drain their cocks before going to the next one. Riley is soooo horny after she gets all these lucky strangers off, she finger fucks her pussy until she squirts on the floor. Everyone cums and leaves our gloryhole booth very very happy.
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